Tuesday 15 March 2016

Setting up my new ride: Shhh don't tell the old ride

People keep asking me why I bought a new bicycle and what was wrong with the Marin Eldridge mountain bike that I has taken me over 21000 kms. Well... nothing really, and no I didn't really need it,  and no it won't be faster...  and yes it is another mountain bike,... but isn't it lovely! When I spend as much of my life on a bike as I do - once in awhile I can simply indulge.

For this bike I am taking it to a physiotherapist who specializes in bike fitting. I have never done this with other bikes,  but before I start buying  handlebar stem risers and other doodads for my back and neck needs I thought I would consult a professional.

Because of my low back and neck problems I have always toured in a fairly upright position. This position has served me very well, but on rides more than 70 km I start to get uncomfortable in the saddle. I am not sure if a compromise position is possible or if I should get the risers and sit tall on the new Surly. I am hoping that the Jones Bar will also give me lots of riding hand positions for a varied and more comfortable ride.

April 23, 2016
Well that did not go as planned, but after a number of physio appointments my neck and knees are on the mend and Jo at North Park reconfigured my new bike to closely match the fit of my old one. The lesson here is that my body does not like change. I am taking one more full week off riding to make sure my knees are ok.

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